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Authority Magazine Interview

Brittany Wagner of 10 Thousand Pencils: “Don’t sweat the small stuff” Don’t sweat the small stuff. Let the little things go. Don’t allow small, irrelevant

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Learning from the Coronavirus

I try to look for the lesson in times like these. What is this here to teach us? Here are two things the Coronavirus is here to teach me – Live for Today and Human Connection is Important.

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The Boy Who Could Not Say “I Can’t”

This past Friday night, the 6-man football team made it to the second round of the Texas High School playoffs by defeating their opponent 77-32. But I was inspired by another football player, not on that team. His name is Nathan Jurado. He is a middle school student with cerebral palsy

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My upcoming TV series with Courtney Cox gaining media mentions

I’m excited that my upcoming TV series with Courtney Cox is gaining more and more traction. Good Housekeeping has even mentioned it their article about the show’s producer GMA’ Star Michael Strahan. Michael was having fun dancing with an audience member on Good Morning America which he posted on his Instagram…

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Meet My True Friends

In our world dominated by social media, it can be hard to know who your true friends are. True friends are those who will be there for you when you really need them. When I was a senior in high school my three best friends and I made a commitment to go on a trip together every year in the summer. We have been best friends for a very long time and we wanted to maintain our friendship.

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