New Book!

Next Chance You

Tools, Tips, and Tough Love for Bringing Your A-Game to Life

Good Morning America Appearance Sept. 3, 2021

New Book!

Next Chance You

Tools, Tips, and Tough Love for Bringing Your A-Game to Life

Praise for "Next Chance You"

Praise for
"Next Chance You"

Courtney Cox

Courteney Cox

Actress, Producer, and Director

Next Chance You will empower you, encouraging you to put your best foot forward and take advantage of opportunities that come your way.”

Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan

Co-host, Good Morning America; Analyst, Fox NFL Sunday; Pro Football Hall of Famer

In her book, “Next Chance You, she brings the same grit and determination to help you live your best life.

Lance Bass

Lance Bass

Pop Icon

“Next Chance You is a book chock-full of helpful tips and strategies to help you reach your goals!”

Good Morning America Interview

Sept. 3, 2021

The Inspiration

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Where the Message Came From

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Book logo
Book logo
Brittany Wagner muscle football

Next Chance You

Tools, Tips, and Tough Love for Bringing
Your A-Game to Life

Last Chance U star Brittany Wagner shows readers that even when they think they have failed and all hope is lost, every day offers a new chance to get up, start over, and seize the opportunities that come their way.

In the Netflix hit docuseries Last Chance U, athletic academic counselor Brittany Wagner helped student-athletes who found themselves at a…

crossroads dig deep and move beyond personal failure to find success. Wagner’s core mission—empowering others to bring their A-game into every interaction—is offered to readers here in Next Chance You, a motivational guide to personal success. Delivering practical strategies to help readers overcome obstacles, develop a growth mindset, and get out of their own damn way, she shares personal stories and lessons learned— from her own life and those she has counseled—with the same tough love and no-nonsense attitude that made her a fan favorite.

Next Chance You applies Brittany’s experiential wisdom to everyday situations, giving readers a motivational shot in the arm to view every day as an opportunity to be better than before and put in the hard work necessary to make their dreams come true. She shares stories from her own life and those she has counseled with distilled, actionable advice that will embolden everyone from college students to CEOs to step away from their excuses and fearlessly pursue their goals, whether finding a new job, leaving a relationship, or simply having more compassion for themselves and others.

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work with brittany wagner
work with brittany wagner
Brittany Wagner Last Chance U

Work with Brittany Wagner

You can work with Brittany as a motivational speaker and/or consultant to inspire and motivate your top talent to regain their passion, improve their relationships, and reach a higher level of performance, bringing success to your organization.   

Brittany Wagner is now speaking at virtual events for a lower fee.
Contact for more information.

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When you work with Brittany, you reignite drive & passion

When people have been conditioned to expect a lack of mental, physical and emotional support from those around them, it can be difficult to motivate and inspire them to perform at their highest level. This can lead to burnout, apathy and anxiety throughout an organization from the top down.

For eight years I motivated the student athletes of “Last Chance U” to believe in themselves and achieve a higher level of performance in academics, athletics and life. Now every player I have worked with who plays in the NFL has a college degree.

Now it’s your turn. Let me motivate you.

Brittany Wagner Speaking
Brittany Wagner Speaking
brittany wagner speaker

Motivational Speaker

Brittany Wagner can bring inspiration and motivation to your event! Using her now famous line, “Do you have a pencil?” Brittany will spark a strong desire in your audience to put forth actual effort in becoming the best they can be, while also realizing their impact on others.

She is currently speaking across the nation helping people overcome obstacles and become the best on and off the field of life. She incorporates the characters, scenes and experiences of Last Chance U into her points – using herself as examples at times – humanizing herself and the other characters of the show.

Consulting Services

Cutomized to fit your needs:

    • Academic support consulting and training
    • Creation/implementation of athletic counseling program/best practices

The majority of consulting  engagements with  Brittany Wagner are highly customized programs. We are happy to discuss your needs for a fully customized program.

Brittany wagner testimonials
Brittany wagner testimonials
Brittany Wagner Football

When Brittany Speaks

“It was a pleasure working with Brittany. She brings the same level of passion & enthusiasm that you see on Last Chance  U to our school every time she’s with us.”

Randy Speck

Madison School District Superintendent, Michigan

“Brittany message was so on-point and inspiring. With more than 700 statewide college & career readiness educators, her energy & message of perseverance to do whatever it takes to help kids succeed resonated with our collective passion to help Texas Students “

Reo Pruiett

Senior Director of Programs, Educate Texas

“Brittany has the gift of being a drill sergeant one minute and a compassionate mentor the next. Her knowledge and organizational skills help students create a life plan and her tough love helps them initiate the plan.”

Janet Briggs

Division Chair, English Instructor, East Mississippi Community College

“Brittany Wagner is on of the most influential people in my life.”

Quinton Dial

San Francisco 49ers

“She was awesome! Her message was inspirational as well as motivational.”

Rose Mary Harvey

Manager, Health Link

“Brittany spoke at the Texas Challenge to Reach Higher State Convening providing a powerful and inspiring message.”

June Giddings

A Few Organizations Who Have Hired Brittany

Alabama Defense Lawyers Association
Texas A&M logo
Brittany Wagner and Za'darius Smith

Za'Darius Smith Green Bay Packers

“Smith didn’t begin playing football until his senior year of high school and started his college career at East Mississippi Community College, a junior college that has risen to national prominence thanks to “Last Chance U” on Netflix. Smith credits academic adviser Brittany Wagner as someone who kept him on the right path. Wagner became one of the central figures on the show, though she left the college in 2017.”

journal sentinel

Ronald Ollie

“Three years ago an endearing but seemingly aimless defensive lineman from East Mississippi Community College turned into an unexpected reality-show star. Now he’s trying to make an even bigger jump: from Netflix to the NFL.”
Last Chance U Brittany Wagner
Last Chance U Brittany Wagner

This is Brittany Wagner

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Official Bio

Brittany Wagner is a nationally respected athletic academic counselor and motivational speaker best known for her role as the breakout star of the hit Netflix documentary series, Last Chance U. Recognized for her compassion, encouragement, and no-nonsense attitude, Brittany guided many young men to academic and professional success despite run-ins with the law, extreme poverty, abandonment, and often a complete lack of academic preparedness. She has helped over 200 football players academically qualify for nationally respected NCAA Division I schools, and all of the students Brittany advised who are currently playing in the NFL, also hold college degrees. 

Brittany’s inadvertent stardom led to feature interviews with ABC’s Nightline, The Dan Patrick Show, GQ, The New York Times, The LA Times and Sports Illustrated — to name a few.

For the past four years, Brittany has traveled all over the country as a motivational speaker. In the fall of 2017, she launched her own company, Ten Thousand Pencils (10KP). Through 10KP, she is able to aid at-risk youth by working individually with high school and college-level administrators, counselors, and teachers to help them build relationships with these students and better support their emotional, social, and academic needs. 

Brittany’s first book: Next Chance You: Tools, Tips and Tough Love for Bringing Your A-Game to Life is available for pre-orders now and will be published on September 7th of this year. 

A new, scripted television series based on Brittany’s personal and professional life is in the making! Actress Courteney Cox will be portraying Ms. Wagner in this series. Michael Strahan is also an executive producer on the project. 

Lastly, she is an adjunct professor in the College of Business at The University of Montevallo and is a boxing coach at Battle Republic. 

Brittany earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sports Communication and Administration from Mississippi State University, and currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her daughter, Kennedy. 

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