Every Student Matters When Every Teacher Matters

Stranded at the airport

I’m sitting in an airport in Abilene, TX because my flight is delayed. So, I decided to take this time to reflect on this trip to Cross Plains, TX where I was asked to speak to the teachers of the entire school district to kick-off the teacher orientation for the new year. The students do not start for another two weeks (Eat your heart out Alabama).

Scooba, MS flashback

I have to admit that driving in to Cross Plains reminded me very much of Scooba, MS. Cross Plains is a small community with 2A athletics. It is bigger than Scooba though. They actually have restaurants.

When I spoke I had the honor of addressing all the teachers from the entire district, K-12. What soon became evident to me was that I was the one who was going to be inspired by this community.

Every student matters

Brittany Wagner in Cross Plains TX

Here’s why. This superintendent went through the trouble to find me, contact me, and fly me in for just 75 teachers. There are some school administrators who would not go through all that trouble to inspire and motivate 1,000 teachers. They would not feel they need to put that much effort preparing their teachers to give students a great educational experience. But here’s a superintendent who did it for 50 because every kid matters to him.

Taking care of teachers takes care of students

This morning the school counselor picked me up and the smile of excitement that was on her face blew me away. Throughout our drive she racked my brain with questions about how to not only teach students but to inspire them. This counselor has 150 students, 7th-12th grade, and she is excited about impacting each student… all 150.

Cross Plains may be a small community but they are doing some fantastic work. I saw how they care about each and every one of their students. And they do this by doing whatever it takes to take care of their teachers. They truly understand the impact that our teachers have on our youth.

I’m bringing a little Cross Plains back with me

While I was brought in to inspire this small community, it was Cross Plains that inspired me in a very big way. They reinforced my belief that no matter where a student lives or what kind of background or situation they are in, they matter. I hope we all can be inspired by this amazing community of Cross Plains, Texas.

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