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Meet My True Friends

In our world dominated by social media, it can be hard to know who your true friends are. True friends are those who will be there for you when you really need them. When I was a senior in high school my three best friends and I made a commitment to go on a trip together every year in the summer. We have been best friends for a very long time and we wanted to maintain our friendship.

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Brittany Wagner walks out Senior on Senior Night

A Better Senior Night Solution

I am back … and committing to blogging regularly so … come back often too! I have had this thought before, but this time I was a part of it so it has become more than a thought. It is now a feeling, a

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New website

New Year – New website

Happy New Year! On the first day of 2019 I am launching my new website. So many of you have been on this crazy journey with me over the past few years since the premier of Last Chance U. Without people like you, I cannot continue

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Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone!

Thank you for the hundreds of emails I have received since season 2 of Last Chance U began streaming! The most frequently asked question I receive is what did I major in and how did I get where I am? I am honored that

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